What we do

The usefulness of 3D visualisations.

We often think of photography in the first instance for visualization and that is often appropriate. But sometimes this is not possible or it is not the best way to visualize something. For example:
  • Objects that do not (yet) exist.
  • Objects that exist in many color or material variants.
  • The need for many different points of view.
  • Compositions that are photographically impossible.
  • Sets that are too expensive to build in function of photography.
  • Sections and technical informative visualisations.
So we always start by looking at the best and most cost-efficient way to make your visualization.

The eye of the photographer

We make photorealistic 3D images. Our roots are in photography. Making 3D images is therefore not just a technical matter. Controlling light is essential. That makes us different from our competitors.

3D visualisations

  • High end photorealistic visualisations of interiors and exteriors, and conceptual images.
  • Photorealistic and technical product images.

3D animations

  • Animated stills (still image with a moving element)
  • Animations (movements that cannot be made with video)
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Even though we can make everything in 3D visualization, it is not always the most appropriate way.